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Mattie’s Call procedures and bulletins are posted on a secured Web site hosted by the Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC). Access to the site is limited to the criminal justice community.

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A Child is Missing

A Child Is Missing Alert Program (ACIM) is a non-profit organization that assists Law Enforcement Agencies in the early search and recovery of missing children, the elderly (often with Alzheimer’s disease) on-campus college students and the disabled in the first hours of their disappearance, by use of telephone alert calls. ACIM can place 1,000 alert calls in 60 seconds to residents and businesses in the area in which the missing individual was last seen. This program is available nationwide 24/7, 365; free to law enforcement.

Ad Council

Amber Alert - U.S. Department of Justice

CTIA - The Wireless Foundation

National Foundation for Missing and Exploited Children

U.S. Department of Justice