Levi FradyOn October 22, 1997, after a day of playing with his friends, 11-year old Levi Frady headed toward his rural Forsyth County home. It was getting dark but his house was less than a mile away, and he and his trusty bike had made the trip dozens of times. Tragically, on this evening, Levi would not make it home. He was abducted, driven to a neighboring county, and brutally murdered. The next day, his body was found in a wooded area. Law enforcement are still searching for his killer(s).

It is in Levi's memory that the law enforcement community, emergency management, and Georgia's broadcasters have partnered with Levi's family to create Levi's Call: Georgia's Amber Alert. The program is designed to get the word out to the public via radio and television within minutes of a confirmed abduction. Its goal is simple: Locate a child and an abductor expeditiously before any harm comes to the child.

Together, we will answer Levi's Call.